6 Celebs Show Us How They’re Working Out at Home Now

While there are a lot of uncertainties right now, and it’s easy to feel scared or helpless, one thing that can help combat any stress or anxiety is getting some exercise in. A little sweat session can really have a positive effect on you, both physically and mentally. You’ll get your heart rate going, you’ll be able to stretch out those muscles, the endorphins will make you feel good, and it’s just nice to concentrate on something other than what’s going on in the news.

You won’t be alone in sticking to your workout routine while spending more time at home. If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram nonstop these past couple days, you’ve probably seen fitness studios and trainers live-streaming workouts, the push-up challenge people are tagging their friends in, and even some celebs documenting their workout routines. We’ve been enjoying seeing how some of our favorite celebrities have been working out at home, so we rounded up some of new york fitness

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth posted a video of herself doing a P.volve workout, which is a fitness streaming platform and studio we’re already big fans of. The method involves small yet precise movements so you’re working out muscles you didn’t know you had.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been documenting some of her workouts while she’s staying at home, even a mother-daughter one. She asked her followers what types of workouts they wanted to see from her on YouTube or IGTV.

Tracee Ellis Ross

One of our favorites, Tracee Ellis Ross, shared a video of her “hot girl quarantine” workout and inspired us to get dancing.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss really wants us to get moving, and we consider her our trainer/life coach now. The model recently hosted an Instagram Live with her trainer, Mike Maloney, and encouraged her followers to join in as a break from Zoom meetings and other WFH duties. And that’s not all—she encouraged her followers to join in on the daily live dance party with Forward Space and hosted a meditation session on Instagram Live.

Mariah Carey

The iconic Mariah Carey has been giving us a peek into her stay-at-home life. We’ve gotten to see her and her kids wash their hands for 20 seconds (following the rules, check) and her elliptical workout (complete with gloves).

Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps

Like many parents, Busy Philipps is home-schooling her daughters, so they did a PE class together using the FitOn app.


5 of the Best Yoga Brands, According to 3 Professional Instructors


Tired of wearing old sweatpants to get your flow on? Same. That’s why, when we finally decided it was time to upgrade our go-to gear, we reached out to professional yogis in three cities to get their top picks for yoga clothes that perform both on and off the mat. These women run some of the most popular studios in New York City, Milwaukee, and Denver, and they aren’t kidding when they say they live in yoga clothes.

Even if you’re just beginning your yoga practice, you’ve probably realized that there’s no such thing as too many pairs of leggings and that quality and fit vary widely from brand to brand. With that in mind, we’ll start our list with some familiar names and hopefully introduce you to a few newcomers in new york fitness apparel space, too.

Whether you’re up for a stylish splurge or down to score a deal, the best yoga clothes are right this way.

1. Lululemon

Best Yoga Clothing Brands: Lululemon

Joanna Sesny, operations manager at Yoga Shanti’s Tribeca studio, swears by Lululemon Athletica, affectionately known as Lulu by its scores of fans. “I’m obsessed with Lulu’s Align pants because they give me tons of mobility. These pants fit like a glove, but they’re breathable. I love them. They’re the only ones I wear.”

Lululemon Align Pant II

The Lulu love is real for Kathryn Smith, area leader for CorePower Yoga in Denver, who also lives in the Align pants. She explains, “What CorePower does is an intense workout, usually with added heat in the room, and I find the need for something comfortable that wicks sweat without expanding or stretching. The Align pants are super soft. It feels like you’re wearing nothing, but they have a way of smoothing out your leg line that’s super flattering. I own every length and every color. I pick them first and build my outfit around them.”

Lululemon Align Crop

Lululemon helps people live its tagline, “Less Stress, More Sweat,” with free in-store classes. No store in your area? No worries. Its website features online videos to help you find your zen without leaving home.

Still not convinced? This won’t be creepy at all: Next time you’re in a yoga studio, gym, or coffee shop, look around, and you’ll see the Lululemon logo on the waistband of fitness enthusiasts of all ages. (Fun fact: The curvy A stands for Athletically Hip, Lululemon’s former name.)

Lululemon Full Day Ahead Tank

2. Outdoor Voices

Best Yoga Clothing Brands: Outdoor Voices

When it comes to picking a top, Sesny thinks outside the box with Outdoor Voices, a relative newcomer in the fitness/yoga game. OV is gaining popularity, especially among Instagram-obsessed millennials and Gen-Z workout enthusiasts.

Inspired by the brand’s motto, “Doing Things Is Better Than Not Doing Things,” OV fans and influencers post hiking, biking, workout, and dog-walking selfies with the obvious hashtag, #doingthings. Outdoor Voices encourages fun over competition and lets shoppers create outfits by building an OV “kit” with a bottom and a top (ranging from $75–$95).

Outdoor Voices Summer Kit
Outdoor Voices Techsweat Cami Tank

3. Athleta

Best Yoga Clothing Brands: Athleta

Believe it or not, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a thriving yoga scene, and Suzy Weyenberg is a big part of it. Weyenberg, who owns three Empower Yoga studios with two more in the works, swears by Athleta. “I love the diversity. I delight in opening the catalog and seeing women of all shapes, sizes, and ages,” she explains.

Weyenberg pairs Athleta’s Chaturanga pants with Coaster sweatshirts, noting, “I enjoy the fit, and I also really like their fair-trade and sustainability initiatives.” Athleta is known for its “Power of the She” message which celebrates women and their ability to kick butt in studios, gyms, and boardrooms.

Athleta High Rise Chaturanga Tight

4. Joah Brown

Best Yoga Clothing Brands: Joah Brown

Joah Brown is another rising brand in the yoga clothing market. Inspired by the no-fuss clothes in her husband’s closet, Brown started designing functional, comfortable clothes in 2014 that are, in her words, “adaptable and subtly sexy with a tomboyish flare.”

Joah Brown Open Neck Longsleeve Tee
Joah Brown Empire Jogger

Kathryn Smith agrees, adding, “Joah Brown has great basic pieces, crop tops, and cool fitted tank tops. They’ll take you from classes to out into the day. They can be used for a workout or for lifestyle wear.”

Joah Brown Tomorrow Tank

5. JoyLab

Best Yoga Clothing Brands: Joylab

On one of your many (weekly? daily?) Target runs, you’ve probably noticed JoyLab, its stylish line of yoga and workout wear. We love the on-trend patterns and quality material at an affordable price point. Plus, these pieces really hold up wash after wash.

JoyLab High Neck Brushed Jersey Bra
JoyLab High-Waisted Brushed Jersey Leggings


These 15-Minute Workouts Will Give You the Best Results


What’s your go-to excuse for not being able to get a workout in? Mine is always, “I have so much going on at work right now. I have no time.” If this sounds familiar to you, or you’ve uttered those words a couple of times in your own life, I have a harsh truth for you. A 15-minute workout is actually very effective, so I don’t know if we have a valid excuse anymore.

“Getting in short workouts consistently is better than one big workout inconsistently,” says celebrity trainer and The Sculpt Society founder Megan Roup. “Even in 15 minutes, you can efficiently work with bodyweight exercises to raise your heart rate and strength training to build lean muscle. You will not only get the physical benefits from 15 minutes of exercise but the mental benefits as well.” – new york fitness

15 Minute Workouts: Kettlebell Workout

And there’s science to back that up, too. A 2016 study found that just 15 minutes of exercise a day increased longevity and decreased the risk of death in older adults. And another study found that a 10-minute workout with one minute of high-intensity activity had a similar effect as a longer workout. (Note: The study had only male participants.)

Long story short, even just a couple minutes of exercise a couple of times a week is better than nothing or very sporadic workouts. So now that we know this fact, how do we make these workouts effective? I asked some fitness experts for pointers.

Shift Your Mindset

15 Minute Workouts: Dance Class

So I guess I have to stop telling myself I have no time to work out when I still leave time in my busy day to mindlessly scroll through Instagram. “Think about exercise the same way you would map out your commute or stock your fridge for the week. It’s all about setting aside the time and going in with a game plan of how to tackle that short but critical time,” suggests Martha Kaplan, community marketing manager at Athleta.

Consider What’s Best for Your Body

15 Minute Workouts: Running Outside

Kaplan recommends thinking about your schedule and needs that week or day and tailoring your 15 minutes to that. “Are you going to be sitting on an airplane for hours and want to get your blood flowing? A high-intensity, heart-thumping interval workout or quick strength-training session might be best,” she says. “Or do you need some downtime before a busy day of errands? Consider 15 minutes of power yoga. Hosting friends from out of town for sightseeing this weekend and want to squeeze in some movement? Work in a gentler, restorative yoga session.”

Figure Out an Optimal Time

15 Minute Workouts

You might find your mornings are packed, but your evenings have a pocket of time to squeeze exercise in. Or maybe your schedule is the opposite of that. Either way, think about your daily schedule and what works for you so you can stick to it. Also, Kaplan suggests thinking about how that certain time of day affects you. “Exercising at the start of your day will help you with focus and intention for the day, give you energy and a sense of accomplishment,” she says. “Some people find they are more productive during the day if they exercise first. If you end your day or evening with exercise, you may find yourself more relaxed and settled by the time you go to bed. If you have had a stressful day, working out may help you unwind and let go of any tension.”

Be Engaged and Intentional

15 Minute Workouts: Weight Lifting

“Results come from the intention you place into your workout, not the duration of the workout,” explains Maeve McEwen, a NASM-certified P.volve instructor. “If you are actively engaged and focusing on your form and technique throughout the workout, you will see and FEEL the benefits—even in 15 minutes.”

Focus on Your Form

15 Minute Workouts: Plank

Your form is everything, whether you’re doing a 15-minute or 50-minute workout. “In order to maximize your time, really focus on perfecting your form and being hyperaware of the movements you are doing,” McEwen says. “When you are intentional with your movements and have a better understanding of what part of the body is working, the workout will intensify.”

Make Sure You Warm Up and Cool Down

15 Minute Workouts: Stretching

Both of these are still super important, especially when it comes to preventing injury and helping with recovery. “No matter how much time you have, it is essential to warm up beforehand,” McEwen says. “Mobilizing your joints and preparing your body for more dynamic and complex movements is the key to avoiding injury and sets you up for a successful workout.”

To maximize your time, Roup recommends you start with a short, dynamic workout and cool down with a couple of stretches. “This increases blood flow to the areas of the body you’ll be working in the reps. It doesn’t need to be long, but this will help the body ease into movements and finish strong!” she says.

Use Equipment

15 Minute Workouts: Kettlebell Swing

“I recommend any workouts using pieces of equipment. Whether it’s a heavy ankle band or gliders or P.volve’s proprietary equipment, the P.band and P.ball, the equipment helps intensify the timely workout,” McEwen suggests. “These pieces of equipment are designed to activate your stabilizers and deep intrinsic muscles immediately.”

Do Some Strength Training

15 Minute Workouts: Lunge

“Everyone is different, but if I only had 15 minutes, I would focus on strength training!” Roup says. “In The Sculpt Society class, the sculpt sections focus on functional exercises like lunges and squats using sliders, mixed in with hip mobility work to strengthen your core and glutes. This combo creates a long, lean, strong body.”

Get Friends to Help

Friends in Workout Gear

A little pressure from friends, family, or co-workers can keep you accountable. Kaplan suggests asking them to join you in getting a quick exercise in. Plus, working out with friends is just a lot more fun, anyway.

Create a Playlist and Set the Scene

15 Minute Workouts

“Once you have decided the type of workout and the timing, create a playlist ahead of time with four to five songs that you love that total 15 minutes,” Kaplan suggests. “Your music selection will not only set the tone of your workout, but it will help motivate you, especially if you can sing along!” She also recommends creating an atmosphere that will help you get in the mood. If you’re doing yoga, lay out your mat and light a candle, and if you’re doing an interval workout, turn up the lights and the music and keep your weights nearby.

15-Minute Workout Ideas

15 Minute Workouts

At this point, maybe you’re convinced that you’re going to hop aboard the 15-minute workout train but don’t even know where to start. Our experts shared some ideas

Our Editors Swear By These Ultra-Flattering Workout Leggings


Not to sound melodramatic, but when I mysteriously misplaced my favorite pair of Lululemon leggings last year, I felt a small piece of myself die. That’s because when you find a pair of comfy, flattering workout leggings that make you look like you go to one or two Pilates classes a week more than you actually do, you hold on for dear life.

As editors, we have strong feelings about which pieces we think are the most flattering workout leggings on the market: In such a saturated athleisure scene, you can trust that these 11 picks are mad comfortable, will last year years without stretching out, and (importantly) make you look like you have lower abs, long lean legs, and the ass of an angel.

Looking to drop a little cash on the best workout leggings you can get your booty into? We got you. Keep scrolling to discover new york fashion

1. Girlfriend Black Girlfriend High-Rise Leggings

Loved by: Victoria Hoff, wellness editor

Available in sizes XXS to XXXL.

“I’ve been hooked on my Girlfriend leggings since the moment the brand launched. I love the message of sustainability (they’re made from recycled bottles!) and inclusivity—its designs are made for all body types and its lookbook highlights that, which is novel (even if it shouldn’t be). But above all else, these leggings are so comfortable and flattering and maintain their shape even after more than a year of regular use. I highly recommend picking them up in all colors (and snagging some matching sports bras to boot).” — Victoria

2. Varley Huntley Marble-Print Performance Leggings With Mesh

Varley Century Mid Rise 7/8 Leggings

Loved by: Maya Allen, assistant editor

Available in sizes XS to M.

“I’m very open about my addiction to cycling. My week isn’t complete without going to Flywheel—I haven’t found an outlet that relieves my stress the way riding all my worries out on these bikes does. With that being said, I need sturdy leggings that can outlast a high-intensity workout. For one, I love the way these marble-print leggings look. I’ll still feel cute and presentable grabbing a smoothie after my workout because you can easily repurpose these into your wardrobe. More importantly, I can move around in them, and they’re fast-absorbing, so I can avoid that sticky sweat aftermath.” — Maya

3. Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Run Leggings

Zero Gravity Run Leggings

Loved by: Kaitlyn McLintock, news writer, and Amanda Montell, features editor

Available in sizes XS to XL.

“They’re high-waisted, which means two things. The first is that they look amazing with a crop top. The second is that they stay fitted and secure around the waist without any of that annoying readjusting that so many workout leggings require. They also have a stripe down the side the elongates the legs. Most importantly, though, they’re the most comfortable pair of leggings I’ve ever worn. They fit like a second skin and never stretch out, no matter how far you run, jump, stretch, or brunch. I’m obsessed.” — Kaitlyn

4. Athleta Up for Anything Tights

Loved by: Aimee Jefferson, social media editor

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

“These tights are incredible. They’re sweat-wicking, high-waisted, and they have pockets! It took me a while to try this popular mall brand, but now that I’ve tried Athleta, I seriously want to buy five more pairs of its leggings. If you love to exercise, you need to add these to your closet ASAP.” — Aimee

5. Mott50 Reese Athletic Leggings

Loved by: Amanda

Available in sizes XS to XL.

“Mott50′s leggings are top tier for so many reasons: First of all, they’re UPF 50, so you can wear them doing rooftop yoga and know your skin is being protected. Second, they’re quick-drying, so you can wear them SUP’ing. And third, they are ultra-high-waisted and shockingly slimming, which never hurts. Pair them with the brand’s matching long-sleeved Stella Crop Top ($78), and your athleisure ‘fit will be so good, it would be a crime not to Instagram it.” — Amanda

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